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    Open position Location Headcount
    Portfolio Management SM/AD... Beijing 2 Description
    PV Operation Manager Beijing 1 Description
    PV (Sr.)Director Beijing/Shanghai 1 Description
    SAS programmer Beijing 1 Description
    Database Design (Sr.)Special... Beijing 1 Description
    Database Design(Sr.)Manager... Beijing 1 Description
    DM (Sr.)Specialist Beijing 1 Description
    DM (Sr.)Manager Beijing 1 Description
    Clinical PK Director Beijing/Shanghai 1 Description
    CMC Assistant PM/PM Beijing 2 Description
    CMC (Sr.)Manager/AD/D Beijing 1 Description
    Supply Specialist Beijing 1 Description
    PMA Beijing/Shanghai 1 Description
    SCRA/CRAⅡ Beijing 2 Description
    CRM Beijing/Shanghai 1 Description
    (Sr.) PM Beijing/Shanghai 1 Description
    PM AD/D Beijing/Shanghai 1 Description
    Medical (Sr.)Director Beijing/Shanghai 4 Description
    Medical (Sr.)Manager Beijing/Shanghai 1 Description
    Oncology Physician (Sr.)Manag... Beijing/Shanghai 2 Description
    RA (Sr.)Manager Beijing 1 Description
    Sr. CRA Beijing/Shanghai 2 Description
    Sr. PMA Beijing 1 Description
    CMC (Sr.)Manager Beijing 1 Description
    Clinical PK Beijing 1 Description
    Biostatistics Director Beijing/Shanghai 1 Description
    Working in Eucure
    Competitive Remuneration System
    basic salary/transportation subsidy/meal subsidy/communication subsidy/performance incentives.
    Six Social Insurances and One Housing Fund
    For each employee, endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, employment injury insurance, and maternity insurance shall be paid as per the base and proportion stipulated by the State; the housing provident fund shall be paid as per the maximum proportion of 12%,and provided with supplementary commercial insurances.
    Superior Holiday Benefits
    each employee is entitled to benefits over statutory annual leave, as well as paid holiday benefits such as paid sick leave, marital leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, bereavement leave, etc.
    Growing up in Eucure
    We are challenging to build a world-class medical clinical development company. Our culture demonstrates significant humanity rather than wolfishness.  We care about both the company's overall goals and the growth of each employee, thereby earning different harvest every day. We focus on technological innovation, continuous production of new drugs, and safeguarding of human health based on the version of scientific innovation based and patients' well-being first.  
    The Most Valuable Career Path
    We carefully review and listen to each employee's personal career planning and development needs, provide professional and management/career paths, so that employees can find their own positions more quickly in the company.
    Flexible Training and Communication Activities
    We care about the overall goals of the company and the growth of each employee, so that every day has a different harvest.
    Diversified Company Activities
    As our the most valuable assets, encouraging everyone to enjoy life while focusing on their work
    Every special day, there are memorable surprises.